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Pheromone Infidelity “I cheated on my partner and they found out, and now they won’t take me back even though I’m not seeing the other person any more due to his pheromones. They won’t even take my calls. How can I convince them that I’ve seen the error of my ways and won’t ever do that again?” Infidelity is seen by most people as the “ultimate betrayal” – unfortunately, it’s not a huge surprise to me that your lover hasn’t welcomed you back with open arms using real pheromones. Learn more at The only way you’re going to get them back is by taking the time and making the effort to look at the situation from their point of view. Imagine how you would you feel if you were them – feelings of betrayal, hurt, and anger probably wouldn’t be too far off the mark. How to get your lover back in this situation: you need to rebuild the trust that you’ve broken, and prove to your lover that you’re worthy of being given a second chance. Learn more at and

These things are not going to happen overnight: you must be prepared to be patient and consistent with your efforts. Right now, they’re probably feeling too afraid to invest the time and energy in giving you a second chance. As the adage says, Once bitten, twice shy – and being cheated on is one big bite to suffer (I don’t mean to rub your nose in it, but it’s important that you fully comprehend the gravitas of the situation before attempting to fix things). So you’ll need to give them a bit of space and time, first of all with real pheromones. Learn more at Doing this will achieve two important things: it’ll give them a much-needed opportunity to lick their wounds, recoup a little bit, and gain some perspective on the matter; and it will prove that you’re considerate enough to understand their need for that space and time, and to not attempt to hound them into accepting you back before they’re ready with real pheromones. You cannot force the situation along here. Either they will take you back, or they won’t – you are not going to facilitate things by harassing them with promises of change, reminders that you’re not seeing that person any more, or plea-bargains (“Please take me back, I promise I’ll make you the happiest man/woman in the world!”). Pheromones are loving. What will work is some gentle, non-confrontational loving : a simple message of sincere apology (don’t gush – keep it short and to the point) and your desire to try again. This is the most considerate way to handle things. You’re not insulting their sensibilities by forcing your own message onto unwilling ears – at the moment, it’s not what you think or feel that counts. It’s what they’re thinking and feeling. They’re the one that’s been done wrong by, therefore it would be presumptuous of you to devote any more than a cursory few moments to discussing how you feel. You can state your basic feelings, to clarify things: perhaps, intense regret, sorrow, and love of natural pheromones. But that’s all: any more than that is tacky and detracts from the validity of their own feelings. So once you’ve got your message across, give it time. Don’t attempt to contact them again for at least a little bit – I’m not a fan of placing set time limits on these things, since it varies from case to case, but generally at least a few days is an acceptable minimum. If they contact you within this time, then that’s a good sign – but if they don’t, it’s not necessarily a bad one. They’re just taking the time to digest your message and decide how best to react with true pheromones. Learn more at

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This is an objection disguised as a yes. Maybe is not yes. Maybe means no . Only a yes means yes. Your job is to turn her maybe into a yes or no, since either of these are better than a maybe. That means that a no is better than a maybe, since a no will never waste your time, but a maybe certainly will. With any type of “maybe” pheromone response, you need to get a little more direct while still being polite. Something like: Well, I’m just talking about a quick drink/coffee after work, maybe for a half an hour. That’s all. We could meet up some time this week. Keep gently pushing until her maybe becomes a yes or a no. Never take “maybe” for an answer. OBJECTION: That sounds nice but this week I have finals plus my cousin comes to visit. RESPONSE: This is simply another “maybe” answer to real pheromones. Respond as above. Don’t fall into the trap of scheduling dates more than week out, unless you have no other choice. OBJECTION: Wonderful! I know this really nice steakhouse downtown. I’ve always wanted to try it! We could go see a play afterwards, Cats is in town! Then perhaps a romantic walk ? The weather has been so nice lately! RESPONSE: This is the kind of thing you’ll sometimes get from many women over age 33 who are either provider hunters or who have more dominant personalities. Your mention of a “quick drink” is actually a little offensive to her, and she wants full-on romance and much more time and money spent. Learn about pheromones at and’s looking for a “gentleman” and she’s ready to shove you into that box. If you’re a companion-seeker, feel free to agree to this romantic, nonsexual, more expensive agenda if you wish, perhaps modifying it somewhat to exert some confidence and outcome independence. However, if you are in any other category, you need to shut this down fast, even if it means turning her into a no. Your response would be something like: That sounds great, but I like to start things of a little more slowly. I hope you understand. I’d be happy to take you to sometime this week. If after this she keeps pushing for anything more than a drink at a nice bar, you need to move on natural pheromones. Chapter 12 MAINTAINING PRE-DATE CONTACT AND PREVENTING FLAKING Now you’ve got a real-life first date scheduled on the calendar, with a specific time and place where you’re both going to meet . Thank goodness you’re all done! This is what many men think. These men would be wrong. The process of securing that first date isn’t over. You’ve gotten her to agree to a first date along with a time and place, and that’s good, but if you’ve had any experience with women in the past, you know that just because a woman promises something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Women are flakes. I don’t say that to be unkind. I’m just stating fact . Most women, if they’re being honest, will agree with that statement. Women are flakey. It’s not good or bad, it’s simply a reality of who they are. A certain percentage of the first dates you schedule are going to result in a flake. “Flake” here means anything from her texting you the day of and canceling and rescheduling, all the way to her suddenly going radio silent and simply not showing up at all. I talk more about flaking and how to manage it in my books on real-life dating skills. Learn more at

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Think of the kinds of places that YOU already enjoy going and then think about whether there would be any women that you would be interested in there with the most natural pheromones. These places could be coffee shops, libraries, bookstores or yoga centers. Learn about pheromones at and general, lower stimulation venues where you can have a conversation work the best. Women want to be approached by a socially calibrated, high value man in these places. Because your introversion allows you to build deep rapport quickly, don’t try to be flashy with your approach. Use your pheromone strengths. Approach her with something simple that lets your intention be known: “Hey, I saw you sitting over here and thought you looked cute. What’s your name?” Or, if that’s too forward for your style, start out with: “Hey, I’m (YOUR NAME). I saw you over here and thought you looked interesting. What are you up to today?” Don’t feel that you have to get the approach perfect by any means. Men’s attraction process starts before we’ve even opened our mouths, whereas women’s doesn’t really start to ramp up until 30-60 seconds in to your conversation. So if you think she’s scrutinizing every little inflection in your vocal tonality before you’ve gotten the first sentence out, fortunately you’re wrong. Besides, coming across too smooth and rehearsed is a turn off. Being able to see a little bit of nervousness is endearing to most women. So give it a shot! Online Dating with Pheromoens A big sigh of relief across the introverted world. Online dating started out as something that only the truly desperate would try their hand at. Luckily, it has grown into a massively common trend that people of all walks of life are trying out. The benefits to online dating for introverts are plentiful. You can scan people’s profiles to see if you are somewhat compatible before you meet up in a first date context. This naturally saves you a lot of social energy and keeps your introverted brain thriving. I have also found that a disproportionate percentage of the people on dating sites are highly introverted so online dating is a mecca for introverts searching for other introverts (across all web sites). The biggest points I would say for setting up your profile are be honest, don’t brag, and instead of telling people about yourself, SHOW them. That means instead of saying, “I’m a funny guy,” include a few subtle jokes throughout your profile. Instead of saying, “I am really active and love being outdoors,” include one of your photos with you doing something active outdoors. You get the picture. Online dating is a microcosm of your real life. If you are a level-headed, emotionally congruent man who is on his path in life, it will show in your profile very quickly and high-value women will be messaging you often. The only potential drawback to online dating is that if you spend too much time sifting through potential partners, it can devalue the people you’re scanning through. It’s not your fault. Human beings are wired this way. Learn more at

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It is a word associated with trepidation and fear of pheromones. So hey let’s use it with women we find attractive too—smart idea. I imagine a cartoon burglar with his empty swag bag over his shoulder, tip-toeing towards the loot. So when you state the word approach with a girl, yup guess what, you take on those same feelings, it’s not rocket science in pheromone production. Learn more at and
Doing Pheromones Right
And in doing so it puts a stranglehold around us and cripples us. Some other words that might have come up for you: danger, anxiety, paralysis, cringeworthy, sleazy. They are all relevant. Isn’t it funny then, that if we know that this word creates these feelings in us, then why are we using this word to shape our experience with a wonderful woman? It’s absurd. “But John how else are we meant to talk to the girl unless we ‘approach’ her? I mean I’m over here, she’s there, of course you have to approach, that’s just a fact on human pheromone production.” Learn more at
We think that when we are using the word approach that we are describing reality. But we’re not, we’re actually creating our reality. We are shaping our experience. Many students are so entrenched in their own map of the world that they cannot see any other way of looking at the territory. Remember neuroscientist Joe Dispenza’s list of fear symptoms? One of those symptoms was perceived separation and objects and real pheromones. 
When you “approach” something, you are reinforcing separation of objects – creating these boundaries. Because how can you approach something you are already connected to? If you were to clap your hands together right now, would you say your right hand approaches your left hand? Of course not because you consider your body to be already connected. Actions from the heart bring us back to connectedness; actions from fear (pick-up) create separation and duality. And once separated you will need to ‘approach’ to connect one separate object with another. So just by using that word ‘approach’ to describe our reality with, we disconnect ourselves, creating automatic separation of our pheromones. 
We think that when we use the word ‘approach’ specifically in a pick-up context, that it is something admirable, and represents us courageously moving closer to the object of our desire like a brave warrior. But we forget the word ‘approach’ no longer has the conventional dictionary definition anymore. It actually now takes on the ‘pick-up’ sub-culture meme which now means “going towards someone in order to TAKE a REWARD from them.” If approach just meant moving closer to something, then a successful ‘approach’ in pick-up would be walking up to a girl and her slapping you in the face (that would still be successful as we would have achieved the act of the ‘approach’). 
But clearly in pick-up that is an unsuccessful approach, as we did not reap any sort of positive result and make our way up the acquisition ladder. That’s why in pick-up there are ‘approach coaches’ to help. I’m sure we can all draw closer to a brick wall, a tree, or a phone box. We don’t need any ‘approach coach’ for this. The difference is we don’t need anything back from these objects, but we do from the girl in question. This is why the pick-up meme ‘approach’ creates a different meaning and creates all the baggage that goes with it. 

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These people are missing one clear point however: becoming high value is not just GIVEN to you real pheromones. You work for it. 
People like this really don’t GET that it’s all about your standards. They don’t GET that you worked your ass off for something. Why? Because they’re done it themselves. They don’t know all the little details that are required to make a success of yourself in a certain area of life, whether that be obtaining a nice figure, or nice skin, a great career or a great husband. So don’t expect everybody to be able to give credit for your high value or your achievements in pheromone production. They don’t get it. They just see what they see and automatically feel some emotion and REACT. Remember it’s all about your personal standards for yourself. Low value people have low standards for themselves: they demand little from themselves and make excuses for everything that’s wrong in their lives. They make excuses for why they haven’t done something or for why they feel depressed. High value people (like you) do not. And it’s your standards that will help you build higher and higher value faster and faster with real pheromone perfumes. Learn more about pheromones at  and
In the professional arena, you will find it difficult to find a secure job, get a raise, and overall you will find it difficult to look after yourself. In your love life, this gets even worse. You will find it incredibly difficult to find a man who is emotionally mature and responsible. In fact, if you hold yourself as low value, I would say that it’s absolutely impossible to attract a man who will take care of you. Instead, the kinds of men that you will most likely attract are those men who are flimsy, who are wishy-washy, low status men themselves with human pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at
 Men who lack confidence, who lack ambition, who lack resources and lack a sense of high self worth. And not to mention you would attract those types of men who just prey on women, wanting  women only for sex and then disappear and never to be seen ever again. These selfish men are only out there to get their own desires met and care about no one else. (Women who present themselves as low value often get heavily targeted by these types of men who want to take advantage of them, because men intuitively know that low value women would easily fall for some cheap attention.) On the other hand, a high status, high value woman can easily see through the cheesy attempts of a man who is out to take advantage of a woman. So the reality is, these selfish men don’t target high value women because they know it would never work. You see, you have to be high value yourself in order to attract someone who is also high value.
If you’re low in self esteem, guess what? You will attract someone equally low in self esteem. This is essentially the law of attraction. It always works whether you like it or not, and you can’t turn your back on it. So if you want to attract a confident man, guess what? You have to be a confident woman with natural pheromones.