Pheromone Aspirations

Pheromone Infidelity “I cheated on my partner and they found out, and now they won’t take me back even though I’m not seeing the other person any more due to his pheromones. They won’t even take my calls. How can I convince them that I’ve seen the error of my ways and won’t ever do that again?” Infidelity is seen by most people as the “ultimate betrayal” – unfortunately, it’s not a huge surprise to me that your lover hasn’t welcomed you back with open arms using real pheromones. Learn more at The only way you’re going to get them back is by taking the time and making the effort to look at the situation from their point of view. Imagine how you would you feel if you were them – feelings of betrayal, hurt, and anger probably wouldn’t be too far off the mark. How to get your lover back in this situation: you need to rebuild the trust that you’ve broken, and prove to your lover that you’re worthy of being given a second chance. Learn more at and

These things are not going to happen overnight: you must be prepared to be patient and consistent with your efforts. Right now, they’re probably feeling too afraid to invest the time and energy in giving you a second chance. As the adage says, Once bitten, twice shy – and being cheated on is one big bite to suffer (I don’t mean to rub your nose in it, but it’s important that you fully comprehend the gravitas of the situation before attempting to fix things). So you’ll need to give them a bit of space and time, first of all with real pheromones. Learn more at Doing this will achieve two important things: it’ll give them a much-needed opportunity to lick their wounds, recoup a little bit, and gain some perspective on the matter; and it will prove that you’re considerate enough to understand their need for that space and time, and to not attempt to hound them into accepting you back before they’re ready with real pheromones. You cannot force the situation along here. Either they will take you back, or they won’t – you are not going to facilitate things by harassing them with promises of change, reminders that you’re not seeing that person any more, or plea-bargains (“Please take me back, I promise I’ll make you the happiest man/woman in the world!”). Pheromones are loving. What will work is some gentle, non-confrontational loving : a simple message of sincere apology (don’t gush – keep it short and to the point) and your desire to try again. This is the most considerate way to handle things. You’re not insulting their sensibilities by forcing your own message onto unwilling ears – at the moment, it’s not what you think or feel that counts. It’s what they’re thinking and feeling. They’re the one that’s been done wrong by, therefore it would be presumptuous of you to devote any more than a cursory few moments to discussing how you feel. You can state your basic feelings, to clarify things: perhaps, intense regret, sorrow, and love of natural pheromones. But that’s all: any more than that is tacky and detracts from the validity of their own feelings. So once you’ve got your message across, give it time. Don’t attempt to contact them again for at least a little bit – I’m not a fan of placing set time limits on these things, since it varies from case to case, but generally at least a few days is an acceptable minimum. If they contact you within this time, then that’s a good sign – but if they don’t, it’s not necessarily a bad one. They’re just taking the time to digest your message and decide how best to react with true pheromones. Learn more at