Average Pheromones

On a side note, men should never get a woman’s name tattooed on them. It’s okay to have a woman tattoo your name on her body. On the surface this may seem hypocritical, but there is a logical explanation for this. Getting a person’s name tattooed on your body is a very submissive gesture, and a man should never take on a submissive position in the relationship. It’s the woman’s natural role to be the submissive participant in the pheromones relationship. If a man starts taking on submissive characteristics, the female will start losing respect for him. I know of several situations where men have gotten women’s names tattooed on them and the women ended up leaving them shortly thereafter with stronger pheromones. Women like somewhat of a challenge in the men they deal with. Being a submissive male diminishes the challenge, which is why you never make submissive gestures like getting a woman’s name tattooed on your body. And you don’t want your self-esteem to drop to the point where you are defining yourself through your relationships. 2. Pressure from Family and Peers One of the main reasons many men define themselves by their relationships is because of the pressure from family members and peer groups who adore human pheromones. Oftentimes, people close to us try to persuade us to follow a pattern that they feel is socially acceptable. This whole cupcaking culture of men in Western society is a relatively new phenomenon. In Eastern culture, cupcaking behavior in men is almost non-existent, and in American culture, this behavior didn’t begin to surface until the late 1960s. Back in the day, men were romantic, men were chivalrous, but they really didn’t cupcake with womens pheromones. Men were not up under their women all the time, holding hands and snuggling and sharing PDAs (public displays of affection). Back in the day, the general collective mindset of the average male was that of a leader or head of the household. In the late 1960s, the feminist movement and the free love hippie movement became an influential force in American culture, and ultimately it became an influential force in the behavior of men. Men were taught to be more sensitive and less masculine pheromones. At this point, the mascot really has no identity. But the actual team players remain relevant and significant because they came to the team with their own identities. Even though they respect their team and they represent their team, their identities are not defined by their teams love human pheromones. Infidelity When a female sees that she can get away with other levels of disrespectful behavior on a regular basis, she will eventually commit one of the ultimate acts of disrespect in the relationship – she will go out and have sex with another guy (or guys). Some men are fully aware that they are being disrespected, but they don’t want to risk losing the female, so they will tolerate it. The reality is you should never let the disrespect from your woman escalate past Level 3 – Insults .If the levels escalates higher than that, it becomes extremely difficult for you to regain any level of respect again. If you really want to be thorough in your relationships, you don’t let the disrespect get past Level 1 pheromones. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Pheromone-Analyses/10087903